“I’m scared of my son… What can I do about this?”

It’s not uncommon for parents to be afraid of their kids. Some are worried about being too strict, while others are simply scared of their kid having a tantrum and breaking things. Kent answers this question from a parent who is afraid of her son and feels like she’s lost all sense of control in today’s Tips on Teens:

“I’m scared of my son and I feel like a failure. It’s just him and me, his father has been out of the picture since he was little. If I say anything about homework, helping out around the house or asking where he is going or who he’s with, he goes on a crazy rampage… he’ll break stuff, yell, scream, cry. I’m scared to be a parent to him but I’m also scared of what he is turning into. I know that he feels bad about how he is treating me, he cries on my shoulder sometimes and says he hates himself, but the next day it starts all over again. What can I do about this? I’ve lost all sense of control.”

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