“How do I get my parents to see things differently for once?”

We have a very special Tips on Teens question this week. The question comes from a teenager rather than a parent and she’s wondering how to deal with her parents. We are excited to answer this question because we believe that raising teens is not a one way street. We strive for open communication and understanding FROM BOTH SIDES! Parents also need to listen to their kids’ concerns and frustrations without simply brushing them off in the same way they would want their kids to listen to them. Here’s the question:

“Is it okay if I ask a question? I just turned 18 and need some help with my parents. I’m from a hardcore traditional Persian family and it’s really hard getting my parents to let me do anything. I’m graduating soon and I just want to have fun with my friends this last summer before going to college. Because I’m a girl my parents almost didn’t let me go to a college out of state but they finally did after a lot of arguing before they said okay. They don’t seem to get things are different here and I just want them to understand my side for once. They put so much pressure on me. How do I get them to see things differently for once?”

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