Body Image and Social Media

Understand The Illusion

Societal pressure for girls to look a certain way is so pervasive that it’s impossible to avoid. Kids will still get exposed to unhelpful examples of body image even if you succeed in taking away social media in your house. The key for parents is to get comfortable talking about body image. Your kid doesn’t have the life experience to understand that the examples of “beauty” they see on social media are an illusion, not reality. But even more important, are you setting a good example for your child? If parents are critical of their own bodies, it often validates the body insecurity of their children.

There’s more to say!

Body image and social media is a huge topic, and we get into it in this Tips on Teens:

“I’m worried about how TikTok is affecting my daughter, but I don’t know the best way to handle it. We try to limit the amount of time she’s on TikTok. I would prefer she not be on it at all, but  I’ve compromised with her on some free screen time as long as her homework is all done. I see signs that she compares herself to girls she sees on TikTok and it’s affecting her self esteem. I try to show her that she is beautiful too, but my words seem to have no effect. What can I do?”


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