Help me with my boy Crazy Teen!

Help, my daughter talks about boys too much!

If your teen has reached the age where they’re boy/girl crazy, we have bad news for you: there is no cure for this. There is good news though. Your teen’s new obsession with romance provides you with a great excuse to talk to them about the topic of love and relationships.

Most importantly, you’ll want to touch on some of these points:

  • Discuss with your child what a healthy relationship is, and make sure you’re setting a good example yourself.
  • Talk to your kid about safe sex! Contrary to what some might think, it’s statistically proven that the more knowledge your kid has, the better the decisions they will make about it.
  • Last, don’t pass up this chance to have a discussion with your teen about consent and what it means. Make sure to emphasize the importance of mutual respect.

Seizing this moment to educate your child may help you survive those moments when they’re really annoying you with all that boy/girl talk. We have even more to say about it in this Tips on Teens:

“I’m starting to have a lot of anxiety about my daughter. She’s 15 and all she talks about is boys. As far as I know she’s not sexually active yet, but it’s getting really annoying. She seems to be letting some of her other interests fall by the wayside too. She used to read books and play sports for example. I’d like her to have some balance and be less focused on boys. Is there anything I can do, or is it a lost cause?”

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