Talking to Kids About War & World Events

Talking To Your Kid About Troubling World Events

When it comes to talking to kids about war and world events, the age of your child will probably dictate the best strategy. For example, you ‘ll be able to share more details with your older teenagers than younger children. More important than what you share however is how you share it. Are you calm and reassured? Do you feel confident in how you’re approaching the topic? If you’re feeling upset and emotional you may transfer that response to your kids.

Teach Them To Do Something Constructive

If you’re feeling troubled, doing something about it can help you find the balance you need. Donating to UNICEF for example or doing something constructive you can do with your kids together will help you connect and reassure them.

It’s a big topic and we discuss it in this Tips On Teens video:

“I haven’t quite gotten around to talking to my kids about the war in Ukraine yet, and I know they’re starting to hear stuff from other kids at school. One of my friends said her son came home asking about ‘World War III,’ which makes me think I should get a move on. How do I explain it to them and reassure them that we’re safe here?”

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