Does your teen daughter want to start dating? Is it freaking you out?

It might make you feel icky to think about you’re kid having a sex life, but it’ really important to talk about with them. How do you teach them about consent? How do you show them they can come to you to talk about it? Here’s a parent’s question about this topic:

“I have a feeling my 14 year old daughter is going to want to start seeing this guy who she’s been talking to a lot on Zoom lately. He’s someone she’s been familiar with from school for a while, but recently it seems like they’ve developed a “thing.” I don’t know this kid well, and I’m really nervous about my little girl starting to date. We’ve always had pretty good communication, but I want to make sure that she feels comfortable talking to her mom and me about things. Mostly I’m worried that she’ll get used, or she won’t know how to draw the line with the guy. Any advice about how I might be able to talk to her about it or what I should say?”

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