Eye rolling! Snarky comments! Sarcasm! What do you do about your teenager’s rudeness?

Teenagers are famous the world over for copping attitude, but what’s going on behind the eye roll? Is it just locker room talk making its way into your home, or is there something more going on? How do you deal with teenage rudeness?
“So my 16 year old son has entered the “rudeness” phase I’ve been hearing about all these years, and it’s causing some friction in our house. I’ve been feeling it growing for a long time as he’s gotten a little more independent. He’s been doing a pretty good business detailing cars with a friend, and making a little money. It feels like he thinks he’s some kind of bigshot all of a sudden, like he could get by on his own. I got remarried two years ago, and he’s been mouthing off to me and his stepdad. We’re talking snarky comments, eye rolling, sarcasm, etc. It really makes me most angry when he does it to his stepdad because he’s a really nice guy, and he doesn’t feel comfortable dressing down a kid he hasn’t raised himself, which I think has emboldened my son. I get really angry when this happens so we haven’t really talked about it in any constructive way. What makes these kids be so rude, and what’s the best way to deal with it?”

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