Your 2E kid, who is an adult, isn’t launching. What are you supposed to do?

How do you get your 2E (twice exceptional) son or daughter, who is an adult, get motivated to start thinking about a career, or get out there and do more? How do you handle the backlash you might get from them once you give them the nudge? What are the great benefits to them from getting a job. These are all questions we look at in this segment of Tips On Teens.

“My 2E son is 20 years old and is not launching!  He is going to community college part time but other than that, he just plays video games and watches YouTube all the time. I want him to have more get-up-and-go, but he fights us on anything that we try to get him to do such as getting a job, volunteering or just getting out of the house and exercising. We want him to work toward a career and we don’t care if he finishes college as long as he is productive and happy but he seems to have no interest in the future. What are we as parents supposed to do?  We are not going to kick him out of the house, so please don’t suggest that.  That will not fix the problem as a previous therapist recommended.”

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