What are the consequences of having not making boundaries with your kids?

“Please do this or I’ll have to (fill in consequence here)”

Are the lines that you draw with your kids hazy, ill defined or just plain broken? And what are the consequences when parents can’t make boundaries with their kids? That’s the topic on this week’s Tips on Teens.
“I’m having a really hard time enforcing boundaries with my kids on everything from chores to bathing to internet time. It feels like every day they go over the line in one way or another. I get tired of being ‘on patrol’ all the time, and to be honest, I just don’t even know what to say to them.
I wasn’t really raised with “boundaries” myself, and I know that was a bad thing because I feel like not being able to set boundaries and stick to them has affected me my whole life. And I also saw how it had the reverse effect of making me feel like my parents just didn’t care. How do I avoid this with my kids, and are there resources you can point me to that can help me figure out how to do it?”
For some resources on utilizing allowance for your kids, check out a two part article series for parents by Kent Toussaint:
Books that we recommend on this topic:
“Connection Parenting” by Pam Leo
“Yes, Your Teen is Crazy!” by Michael Bradley
“Get Out of My Life, but first could you drive me and Cheryl to the mall?” by Anthony Wolf

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