Is Group Therapy Right For My Kid?

What exactly goes on in group therapy? Group therapy can be really helpful for teenagers and offers unique opportunities for connection. The experience of having shared cultural norms can really create a great atmosphere for growth, all in the presence of a positive role model to guide things along. Is it the right thing for your kid?

“I’ve been wanting to get my daughter into therapy, but she won’t go see a therapist. Whenever we discuss it I get a lot of pushback from her. She recently told me though that she would consider going to some kind of support group. I could see that maybe working for her because she likes talking to other girls. I want to help her, but I’m kind of concerned about other kids being a bad influence on her. I’m scared that if she makes friends with other kids with worse problems than her it could go the wrong way. I don’t know much about it though. Have you seen this happen, and how does a parent know if a therapy group is helping or not?”

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