Are you uncomfortable with your teen’s “big” emotions?

How about those “big” teen emotions? Does responding to your teen’s extreme moods feel different than when they were a little kid having big emotions? How should your approach as a parent change now that your kid is dealing with breakups and not just scraping his or her knee anymore? That’s the topic on this week’s Tips on Teens. Here’s the question:
“I need advice on how to respond to my kid’s big mood swings. I feel like when he was a younger kid it was just so easy to comfort him when he was upset. Like I’d say ‘it’s alright’ when he hurt himself and he would bounce back pretty quick. Now he’s 15 and he’s going through some drama with his girlfriend and it’s not even his first one. My husband and I are kind of taken aback by how extremely emotional he gets. We’re talking everything from hours of brooding to angry outbursts to crying in his room. 
I guess we’re not totally comfortable with it because we want him to be able to cope, but at the same time we don’t want our discomfort to affect him negatively. What do we do to help him?”

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