Teen suicide is on the rise during quarantine. Are you worried your teen may be in danger of self harm?

Recent reports suggest that teen suicide is definitely on the rise during quarantine. Meanwhile, many teens are struggling to cope with isolation from their friends and the disappointment of missing out on milestones. Do you know the danger signs or how to bring up the topic with your teen? Are you worried that your teen may be in danger of self harm? It’s a heavy topic, and it’s on the mind of some parents right now. Kent discusses what to watch out for, and how to talk about it with your kids on this week’s Tips On Teens.

“Hi Kent. Something I’ve been hearing more about lately is the rise of teen suicides since COVID. Our daughter certainly has been hit with some quarantine related depression. She hasn’t tried anything and we haven’t really suspected she would. Nevertheless, I keep hearing stories about parents who didn’t even see it coming, and it’s freaking me out. I’m wondering if you can tell me what to look out for. Is there any way I can tell if my daughter is vulnerable to suicide?”

Having quarantine burnout? Here’s more about getting through quarantine and distance learning with you teen. 

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