Teenage Independence: How Can Parents Navigate It?

“Can I Take The Car?

Is your kid experiencing a rush of teenage independence? And are you not quite okay with it? It’s normal for teens to push away from parents and grasp for more freedom and independence. But it’s also normal for us parents to be scared by that and want to hold on. The push/pull between parents and teens wanting their freedom is a phenomenon which hopefully helps both parties find the perfect middle. And it may even be a healthier place to be.

Keep The Connection. Collaborate!

The most important thing to remember for parents of kids seeking teenage independence is to try to make it a collaboration. Parents should try to avoid saying “no” if they can in favor of taking the opportunity for dialogue. “No” is easy, but it’s a conversation ender. Instead, tell your kid your concerns let them know if they can satisfy your concerns then maybe you can work it out. Set up a situation where you negotiate and collaborate instead of fight, and you can probably avoid a lot of friction.

It’s a big topic, and take it out of the house in this Tips on Teens:

“My son is 15 and it seems like we’re bumping heads a lot lately. He just wants a little more freedom than I’m comfortable with. He wants to go places with friends that drive, go farther away from home, and stay out later and more often, etc. When I tell him no or even try to compromise with him he comes back with ‘why don’t you trust me?’ I want him to develop independence and responsibility, so when he puts me in that position it makes me feel guilty and conflicted. Any tips on how I should handle?”

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