“How do we set boundaries on screen time when school has switched to online learning?”

Now that most schools have closed and moved classes online, parents and kids alike are experiencing new challenges as they adjust to learning digitally. This week’s Tips On Teens question is from a family wondering how to uphold their limited screen time rule for their daughters, while still giving them enough space to complete their homework:

“We have a limit on phone/laptop time in our household. Our kids (2 high schoolers) both have phones and laptops, but we ask them to primarily use their electronics for school work. We fought about it A LOT in the past but finally seemed to hit a middle ground. Their school switched to online learning, so now both girls are at home and on their phones/laptops ALL day. We know their school is giving homework digitally so they will need their devices more than usual, but we’re worried the girls are using this as a way to ignore the household limit on screen time. How do we bring this up without it turning into a screaming match?”

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