“My husband is immunocompromised—how do I talk to my kids and ex about this without starting a fight?”

For families with loved ones at higher risk for COVID-19, social distancing is of the utmost importance. But what can you do if the whole family isn’t on board with staying in? This week’s Tips On Teens question tackles how to effectively communicate one’s needs in a blended family dynamic:

“My husband is immunocompromised, so we’ve been very careful about interacting with others during this time. Here’s the issue: my ex-husband has taken our kids out to social events at friends’ houses pretty much each week since the quarantine has started. It’s his time with them, and I want to respect that, but I’m worried that the kids might bring something home from these outings. We really can’t risk my husband getting Coronavirus but I also don’t want to start a fight with my ex about this. How do I bring up my concerns to my kids and ex?”

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