“Am I worrying too much that my daughter is obsessed with Justin Bieber?”

In today’s society, many people become obsessed with celebrities, whether they be actors, singers, youtube stars, or even twitch streamers. Today’s Tips on Teens question comes from a mother who is worried about her daughter’s seemingly unhealthy obsession with Justin Bieber. Kent offers his input on the topic. Here’s the question:

“Am I worrying too much that my 14 year old daughter is obsessed obsessed obsessed with Justin Bieber? It’s seriously not normal. She knows everything about him. She is part of at least 5 different fan groups and a few of them even try to track where he is at all times. She’s asked me to drive her to LAX just for a chance to see him. It’s actually disturbing. It’s a very sensitive topic too… if my husband and I ever try to voice our concerns or ever say no to her crazy requests, she goes berserk, cries, screams, breaks things. We thought she’d grow out of it with age, but it’s been at least 5 years. I’m at a loss…”

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