“Should I allow my 15 year old to go to Coachella next year?”

Coachella’s second weekend has just finished and a lot of teens have been talking about their favorite bands and artists. At what age do you think it’s appropriate to allow your child to go to Coachella? What do you think? We got an email from a parent wondering what to do about this. Here’s the question:

“My daughter’s friends have all been talking about how fun it was being at Coachella. I didn’t let my daughter go this year and she’s begging me telling me she absolutely has to go next year. Her favorite bands are all at Coachella and all her friends were allowed to go. I am completely torn. Part of me wants to let her go and have a good time, but the other part of me is really worried and scared for her if she were to go. It’s not the best environment for a 15 year old, in my opinion. As a parent, should I allow her to go?”

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