“I found cannabis in my daughter’s room. What do I say to her about this?”

Every year at the end of April comes a certain unofficial holiday for many teens: 420. This is a nationwide day of celebration for cannabis culture enthusiasts, a category which (whether we parents like it or not) often includes our teenagers. This week’s #TipsOnTeens question is from a mom seeking advice on how to talk to her daughter about possible 420 plans in a non-confrontational manner:

“I found a hidden stash of cannabis in my daughter’s room while cleaning the other day. I don’t know where she got it, since she’s only 15, but I am afraid she’s been sneaking out of the house to smoke it. And with 420 coming up, I have a feeling she has plans that don’t involve staying at home…I don’t want to start a big fight, but I also definitely don’t want her going out with who knows who to do drugs AND risk being exposed to Coronavirus. What the heck do I say to her about this?”

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