“What can we do to help limit our son’s screen time peacefully?”

Many parents have to set rules with their kids in order to limit screen time, and we know that is not an easy task. This week on Tips on Teens, Kent answers a question from a mother who needs help enforcing these limitations in a peaceful manner. Here’s the question:

“Our 16 year old son is addicted to his computer and phone. Two weeks ago, my husband and I decided we needed to do something. We limited his computer and phone use to 2 hours per night on the weekdays (which we think is pretty generous…). Anyways, he’s been putting up a fight. We constantly find him on for longer than the allowed time and every single night has been a battle to get him off. I really don’t know how to get through this even though we know it’s best for him. What can we do to help limit his screen time peacefully?”

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