“What can I do to help my son lose weight?”

Overeating can be a serious mental health problem that is often overlooked until it gets out of hand. This week on Tips on Teens, Kent answers a question from a mother concerned about her son’s weight and eating habits. Here’s the question:

“I was hoping to get some advice on my 14 year old son. He’s extremely overweight and I’ve done all I can to try to help him lose weight. He’s over 300 pounds and is constantly eating unhealthy food, fast food, sweets, and so on. My husband and I try to limit how much he is allowed to eat, but we find that at nights he’ll sneak into the fridge and take food he’s not supposed to be eating. We confront him on this every time, but it never sticks. I’m so worried because I know this is taking years off his life. We’ve taken him to a nutritionist, therapist, doctor, and nothing is working. What do I do to help him lose weight?”

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