Are you and your spouse disagreeing if it is safe to bring together your two blended families for Thanksgiving dinner during quarantine?

COVID presents us with some new dilemmas this holiday season. How do we celebrate the holidays and get together with family in way that’s safe and responsible. And what do you do if you’re just not comfortable with it?

“My husband wants to have his two kids from his previous marriage over for Thanksgiving, and I’m really uncomfortable about it. Since quarantine, we’ve been seeing them on a limited basis and always outside, but it’s caused some tension between us because they don’t respect the basic quarantine rules. They almost never wear a mask, and they get really close. I’m tired of being the “bad guy” and feeling so uptight all the time, but I want my family to be safe. I’d love to have a harmonious family holiday, but I hate being the enforcer and I just might lose it. Any advice on how to navigate this?”

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