Pushing Kids To Success: When Is it Too Much?

The Definition of Success

Are you pushing your teen too hard to be a “success?” We all want our kids to succeed in life and be happy. But how do we define success? If your kid excels at a sport or academically, it can be alluring to do everything you can to see that to its fullest potential. But if your teen isn’t feeling the joy of what got them on that path initially, then maybe it’s time to redefine “success.”

The Cost of Happiness

When parents force teens to stick with a sport or some other pursuit that they no longer feel driven to pursue it can be very overwhelming. Often teens in this situation resort to unhealthy means to cope with the despair such as drugs, unsafe sex, violence, etc. In the long run, not attending that Ivy League school and making less money but being happier is worth it! We recommend you talk to your kid about what makes them happy. What do they want to pursue? What gives them a sense of purpose? There’s more to say on the topic, and we’re high achievers in this Tips on Teens video:

“My daughter is a high achieving athlete. She’s a junior and two colleges are already scouting her. It looks like she could get a full time ride but she says she isn’t interested. She could potentially be throwing a full time scholarship away. I get that it’s stressful but I wish she would understand the importance of what she’s doing and the doors it could open for her. She’s a good student, but tennis is going to give her better opportunities. How do I know if I’m pushing too hard?”

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