Teen Homework Struggles

Homework Struggles!

If your teen is struggling with homework there are a lot of possible causes and solutions to the problem. The first rule for getting through homework difficulties is to approach your kid calmly. Make sure they feel safe. The problem is only going to get worse if your kid feels like you’re attacking them. And if your kid isn’t opening up, you may need to look into getting them someone to talk to like a therapist. 

Underlying Issues?

Sometimes when teens struggle with homework it can be a sign of something deeper going on. Is there some kind of underlying family issue that you might need to address? Or perhaps if your kid just entered middle school, they may just need some help learning to prioritize. Regardless, when teens struggle with homework, there are solutions, and we talk about it on this Tips on Teens.

“During quarantine my 13 year old son really struggled with homework and motivation for school in general, which I totally understand. But now that he’s back at school, he’s still resisting doing homework. He’s not getting all his work done and he’s complaining a lot about it. Before quarantine we never really had a problem with this, so now that he’s back I just don’t understand why he’s not doing better. How should I deal with this problem?”

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